Can Your Agency

Digital marketing agencies rely on keeping you in house. My A - B solutions set CEOs free. Think big-business reach, minus the infrastructure.

Bespoke digital marketing solutions

It's hard to find good marketing help that doesn't want to keep you in-house

Remodeling my gig economy

I chose bespoke solutions instead of shilling my wares on Fiverr and co. Solutions tailored specifically to CEOs who punched above their weight. They just couldn't find nimble enough solutions to soar. Or reasonably priced ones.

Clients may have wanted to amplify their marketing efforts at scale, streamline their back office admin and turbo charge their Shopify store. Can Your Agency mixed 'n' matched my expertise to achieve all 3 in concert. With no cookie-cutter stuff. Everything was tailor-made for the businesses I helped grow their own way.

I researched, designed and wrote everything from paint by numbers playbooks to in-house training programs. Along with VA management, and training, too. I also worked on social campaigns and front-end web design, strategy docs, funnels and everything in between.

Jack of all trades, master of some

It all just made sense to me. From the beginning. Personally and immediately, too.

I've been a freelancer and boss. I've hired, fired and been fired myself. An entrepreneur and practicing artist — add those to the list. Plus, I'm a tech nerd: tail end, but not the least of my nerdery. Far from it.

Wrap all that up, and what have you got? Your very own Swiss Army Knife.

Founder and CEO

I helped CEOs leapfrog over doubt

Can your agency reduce costs, boost efficiency & help you scale fast?

You're shelling out money, but still in the dark about what your agency's really doing to grow your business. And the worst part? You're ready to give your all to grow your own way. If only there was an alternative to the agency model. Results, clarity and no retainers. That's why I started Can Your Agency. As an antidote to the agency model. Where I crafted, built and rolled out bespoke digital marketing solutions for CEOs and their teams. Via actionable pathways, tailor-made processes, and paint-by-numbers playbooks. All of which helped them to:

• Increase profits without compromising quality

• Multiply outcomes with ease, grace & precision

• Grow their own way with clever solutions that make work feel easy-breezy

I connected all the dots, cleared the cobwebs, then built a roadmap for them to grow their own way.

How The Can Your Agency Model Worked

Discovery Session = Your Action Plan Defined

A dedicated consultation to review your growth needs, customise your action plan & align your strategy with our execution process

Prioritising Growth Goals

Every growth story's different. We want to hear all about your plans to make sure we build a roadmap for your success.

Your Strategy Informs Our Execution

We take your success strategy and run with it to find custom solutions in a flash

Laying Foundations For Your Success

By the end of our discovery call we'll have a high-level roadmap for your offshoring success

Your Growth Needs = Our Custom Solutions

We build your ideal team by partnering with you to activate the best talent & project manage the entire process for you from A to B to job well done!

Mix 'n' Match To Grow Your Own Way

Maybe you want to amplify your marketing efforts at scale, streamline your back office admin and turbo charge your Shopify store. We can mix 'n' match a project team with assistants by the hour to do all 3 at once.

Values Infusion

We pull apart what it is that makes working at your organisation unique, and ensure these values are embraced by your offshore team in a way that adapts and embraces local culture.

Engaging Teams For Success

It’s natural to wonder how your onshore team will take to the introduction of a new outsource team. That's why we provide the right training and support for cultural awareness early on in the piece, helping onshore team members to feel better equipped and to embrace the experience in a more inclusive way.

Optimisation = Your Performance Refined

Your dedicated Account Manager coordinates training sessions, reporting & regular feedback to ensure absolute success.

Dashboards to Drive Performance​ + Insights to Help You Make The Right Decisions​

We work with you to develop a customised dashboard that works as a real time feedback loop for you and your team members.

Training to Upskill & Outperform​

We give your offshore team members access to a growing library of skillset based training from day 1. This covers everything from SEO to leadership, and anything in between. We regularly deliver these in person, and provide ongoing Q&A support to your team as needed.

Jargon free. No retainers. Just big-business reach minus the infrastructure.

Extra magic

Clients included:

Banished, Beusail, BeLIFTED Botanicals, CLEARSTEM, Date Box Club, Magna4, Metavent, MopTop Hair, Fundraising For A Cause, Lux Decor, 3 Sons Food