Staging Asylum App

I curated and project managed this rich, multimedia experience — a rare opportunity to present 6 plays from several perspectives

‘While theatre stands up for the despised, Australian culture and decency are not yet dead.’
— Thomas Keneally


This timely anthology offers a range of narratives and perspectives on asylum seekers. A vexed issue within the Australian community—particularly among politicians, who often use asylum seekers to further their own ends. This collection unpacks immigration detention, border control, unauthorised asylum seekers and the right to belong.

I curated and project managed the digital extension, otherwise known as an app.

• Building on the strength of the printed edition via purposeful and thoughtful content. Layered around the six plays. Weaving extra insight through each of them with every decision. Offering a deeper and more holistic understanding of the challenges asylum seekers and refugees face.

I helped bring life to theatre studies


Curated the digital extension of Staging Aslylum: on stage, behind the scenes and in production.

Enriched every reader's connection to the plays — on stage or off.

Sourced, selected and oversaw production of all content and app design. Managing post-production of all featured audio and video, too.

Extended the magic of theatre. What better way to complement theatre studies than by humanising scripts via sound and vision? I sourced, selected and oversaw production of all embedded content. Layering the mix of audio, imagery and video in ways that told their own story but never overshadowed others.

All 6 plays from the print edition

A broad range of perspectives on asylum seekers and refugees


2 x hour long audio interviews

with Judi Moylan and Morteza Poorvadi

Sociocultural and historical analysis from respected thinkers:

• Julian Burnside AO QC

• Kon Karapanagiotidis OAM

• Judi Moylan

• Dr. Joseph Pugliese

• Dr. Caroline Wake

Extensive teachers' notes

by Rachel Ford

A suite of rich design work and imagery

Created specifically for the app by Miranda Costa and Annalise Montgomery-Hughes

Extra magic

I was lucky enough to sit down with playwright, novelist and essayist, Linda Jaivin, who wrote Halal-el-Mashakel, which features in Staging Asylum. Listen to our discussion below...


Images: UNHCR / Massimo Sestini, Victoria Pickering, Gerhard Lipold, Allison Joyce.

In-app images: Miranda Costa.

In-app design work: Miranda Costa and Annalise Montgomery-Hughes.

All screenshots, in-app imagery and content © Currency Press, 2016.

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